Shiloh Family Medicine

Improved Patient and Provider Experience, Decreased Administrative Tasks, and Improved Cash Flow

How Shiloh Medical Practice Improved Patient and Provider Experience, Decreased Administrative Tasks, and Improved Cash Flow.


Shiloh Family Medicine is a medical group practice located in Alexandria, VA that specializes in Family Medicine.


By implementing an intelligent, all-in-one EHR and Revenue Cycle Management solution Shiloh Family Medicine was able to improve specialty-specific data entry and quality control, streamline workflow, reduce administrative time, and improve the medical billing process.


The practice was spending too much administrative time on documentation. They were seeing a high rate of claims denials and resubmissions with a slow revenue cycle turnaround time due to missing eligibility verifications, data errors, and lack of integration between the EHR and medical billing software. Each provider wanted a customized workflow and view of their patients, while enabling information sharing and collaboration, while ensuring data privacy.

Solution Highlights

  • Reduced administrative time and efforts.
  • Seamless transition to the new workflow processes and platform.
  • Personalized training on quality initiative reporting.
    Significantly improved Net Collection Ratio to 97%
  • Fast tracked payments.


OmniMD customized a solution and implementation roadmap to help the practice make a seamless transition to new workflow processes and platform. The technology platform throughout the practice was upgraded to an end-to-end EHR and RCM platform that enabled comprehensive functionality for patient scheduling, intuitive patient charting, a patient portal, specialty specific customization, eligibility and benefits verification, quality reporting, claims scrubbing and submission, and a dashboard view of all clinical, operational, and financial aspects of the family practice group.


The overall workflow of the practice improved, reducing time spent on administrative tasks while enabling more time for patient care. Patient scheduling was simplified for both the practice staff and patients due to an integrated scheduling calendar that patients could access online. Cash flow improved dramatically thanks to the intelligent integration of data between the EHR to the medical billing platform.

Some of the Measurable RCM Results Include: 

Gross Collection Ratio (GCR) increased from 30% in 2015 to 44% in 2019
Net Collection Ratio (NRR) increased from 90% in 2015 97% in 2019
Denial Rate decreased from 21% in 2015 4% in 2019
Aging 90 days is ZERO
Payment Velocity 22 Days


The staff at Omni is amazing. They have excellent customer service and an easy way to getting to know how to work the system. We at Shiloh are very grateful for OMNI, so Thank you for all that you do.

Office Manager, Shiloh Family Medicine

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