OmniMD EHR is the electronic health records system built by cardiologists, for cardiologists. No EHR system on the market provides as comprehensive a cardiology EHR solution as OmniMD. Our cloud-based, artificial intelligence-enabled, machine learning-capable EHR solution has all the tools you need to keep your practice ticking.

What You Get With OmniMD Cardiology

  • Workflows and preferred order sets designed by cardiologists and refined through years of working with cardiology clients
  • Analytics tools and structured data to drive quality improvement, identify care gaps, divide populations by risk, measure long-term outcomes and more
  • A dashboard customized for cardiology practices with all the most important data easily available in snapshot form
  • Lightning-fast charting: 60 seconds for a new patient, compared to the industry average of up to eight minutes
  • Care coordination tools to improve handoff to or from primary care providers or other specialists
  • Redundant data elimination through device integration, including EKGs, echocardiograms, pacemakers and more
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