Urgent Care

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Urgent Care

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Urgent care centers are a rapidly growing practice in the US primarily due the realization that they can provide a cost effective altnernative to hospital emergency room visits. Urgent care professionals will require a specialty specific EHR that can help provide care for the treatment of acute and chronic illness and injury.

Growth of the urgent care

OmniMD urgent care Management incorporates comprehensive sleep medicine specific forms, workflows & procedures aiding in quick and accurate charting of diagnosis, treatment & management for Chest Pain, Sore Throat, Vomiting, Asthma, Dizziness, Palpitations, Injuries and trauma, Flu Shots, Shortness of Breath, Earache, Follow-up Visit, Consultations, and Procedures etc.
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Specialty-Specific Features:

Generation of reminders and recall notifications
Tracker Sheet provides a comprehensive and quick view of all your patients.
Patient Flowsheet provides all relevant information at one page for easy charting
Open Items shows all the pending tasks that ned to be completed
Create custom treatment plans for patients with ease
Inbuilt E&M coder for to code precisely instead of down coding or up-coding and thus minimize any later complications or loss in revenue.
Fax signed charts directly through EHR
Provides secure patient access to request appointments and medication refills, receive test results, obtain educational material, update specific predefined data such as demographics, allergies, and medication, etc.
Easily document patient data using multiple data entry methods such as point & click, voice recognition and handwriting recognition.
HL7 Integrations with Laboratories, HIEs, Hospitals Systems, Practice Management systems for Bi-Directional exchange of Patient and Visit level information.


Templates for Urgent Care practices

OmniMD Urgent Care EHR and Practice Management software is based on years of experience with the special needs of busy urgent care practices. It is designed by physicians for physicians, taking into consideration how physicians function in the real world. Based on suggestions from providers, below are the templates in OmniMD Urgent Care EHR and Practice Management:

Abdominal Pain History of Present Illness Upper Extremity Problem
Allergy Symptoms Hoarseness Vertigo
Altered Mental Status Jaw Pain Wheezing/Asthma
Anemia Joint Pain Asthma
Animal Bite Low Back Pain / Injury Burns
Ankle Pain Lower Extremity Problem Chest Pain
Back Pain Male Genitourinary Problems Dizziness
Bloody stools Muscle Pain DOT physical
Chest Pain MVC Earache
Constipation Nausea/Vomiting Fainting
Cough Neck or Upper Back Pain Injury Fatigue
Diarrhea Neuro Symptoms/Deficit Fever
Difficulty Swallowing Palpitations Foreign tour consultation templates
Dyspnea(COPD CHF and Other) Pediatric Wheezing/Asthma Fractures
Ear/Nose/Throat/Dental Plantar Puncture Wound Headache
Eye Problems Rapid Heartbeat Hypertension
Fainting Seizure Injuries
Fall Shoulder Pain Injury Trauma Assessment
Fatigue Skin Rash/Abscess Knee Pain
Female Urogenital Problems Slow Heartbeat Occupational physical examinations
Fever Suture Removal/Wound or Burn Recheck Palpitation
Hand/Wrist Injury Syncope Procedure Notes: Incision and Drainage
Head Pain Trunk Injury Procedure templates of CLW suturing, PFT test, EKG etc
Heart Burn Unexplained Weight Loss Rashes
Hip Injury Upper Extremity Injury Respirator Fit Questionnaire
Shortness of Breath Sore Throat

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