Practice Management & Billing Software

Conventional medical billing and collections capabilities are not cutting it in today’s complex healthcare environment. Practices are losing a significant amount of revenue due to inaccurate billing and inability to benchmark billing performance. Payment models such as MACRA—MIPS and APM are rapidly changing from Fee-For-Service transactions to Value Based Performance. You need an immediate upgrade to your system to be compliant.

Savvy practice management technology and knowledge can significantly affect your practice’s revenue and cash flow by reducing the number of rejected claims, automating claims submission process, and ensuring you’re not under or over-coding.

OmniMD’s Practice Management Suite offers comprehensive and powerful functionality throughout the financial lifecycle of your organization.

Tracker, Module & Model

Single Sign-on for Multiple Practice(s) – EBP Model

Real-time Eligibility Verification

Comprehensive Credentialing Manager

Pre-authorization Tracking Module

Scheduler with Referral Management Tracker

Charge & Claims

Easy & Accurate Charge Capture

Customizable Rule Engine to unbundling of codes

Charge Templates to bundle codes

Quick Claim Scrubbing & Submission

Advanced Claim Scrubber

Practice Management

Insightful Billing Analytics

Free Phone and Email Support

Flexible Online Training

ICD-10 Compliant

Assisted Payer Enrollments

Flexible Practice Setup

Multiple Clearinghouse Options

Integrates with any EHR

Canned and On-demand Billing Reports

Benchmark Reporting

Track Activities & Records

Track Timely Filing Limits

ARQ Manager—helps manage both patient and insurance AR queues

Track User Productivity

Secure Task & Messaging System

Eliminate Paper—Electronic storing for pre-authorizations, referrals, EOBs, payer contracts

Choosing Medical Billing Software

The decision to choose or change billing software and/or services is never an easy one. It is a challenge to pick the right one from several hundreds of them out in the market. The core decision for most billing companies whether small or large scale revolve around the following:

  • Cost of software
  • Scalability
  • Ease of use
  • Implementation timeframe
  • Data security & integrity
  • Robust reporting requirement
  • What type of training is available?
  • Software Support
  • Customizability
  • Ability to hook up with your own or other EHRs

How OmniMD Helps You?

OmniMD provides a scalable platform for small growing business to large scale established billing companies. Being an enterprise level software, it is easier to manage all your clients through one single login and scale up operations quickly.

The software’s ability to carry bulk operations make it user friendly.

Our implementation timeline is very short and can make up and running in a week’s time provided we’ve the required information to set you up.

Being EHNAC and HIPAA complaint, the data is secured.

A dedicated report center and our ability to integrate with different EHRs puts us ahead of others. We’ve our own integrated EHR package that can be offered to your existing clientele.

Not only you and your team will be trained after setup is completed in 2-hour blocks, but we ensure they use the software well and provide refresher training as and when needed. We lend support Monday through Friday 8 AM to 8 PM EST and not just leave our clients midway after initial setup is completed unlike other billing software companies.

Most billing software do not provide option to customize. Ours is very flexible in how system can be setup with growing needs. We understand the changing needs of a business and compliance to regulations is a MUST, so we continue to improve from time to time in our workflow and functions to ensure ease of use and compliance.

Reasons To Replace Existing Software

1 in 5 practices lean on changing the software (EHR and/or Billing both).

Issues with Medical Billing

Most Common Errors

  • Incorrect Patient Information
  • Incorrect Provider Information—Credentialing Setup
  • Incorrect Insurance Provider Information
  • Incorrect Codes—ICD, CPT, HCPCS, Modifiers, POS, TOS conflicts
  • Mismatched Medical Codes—Under Coding. Risk Mitigation
  • Duplicate Billing—Accountability
  • Payer Specific Rules & Regulations
  • Timely Filing issues—no way to track those
  • Pre-authorization and Referral Management
  • Bundling—Unbundling
  • Inaccurate coding
  • Overcoding

Specialty focused AI and ML helps with accurate coding – avoid mismatched Medical Codes – helps with Risk Mitigation

7-Level Fee Schedule Manager insurance specific regulations and avoid incorrect Codes:

  • ICD
  • CPT
  • Modifiers
  • POS
  • TOS conflicts
  • Global Period

OmniMD has helped over 12,000 healthcare professionals improve their clinical operations, patient care and collections through our solutions and services. Let us help you “take back your practice, patients and profits” by helping you dramatically improve practice efficiency and revenue realization.