Physical Therapy

As a licensed health care professionals you help your patients reduce pain, improve and restore mobility. Physical Therapists work with each individual and develop a plan, using treatment techniques to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability.OmniMD Physical Therapy EHR and Practice Management is designed for the workflows, clinical requirements and regulations that are inherent to the practice of physical therapy, physiatrist and rehabilitation medicine.

OmniMD’s Physical Therapy EHR and Practice Management (PM) combines comprehensive clinical templates, workflows & procedures. As a physical therapist, physiatrist and rehabilitation medicine provider, you can quickly chart visits for Ultrasound, Phonophoresis, Moist Heat (Hydrocollator), Paraffin, Short Wave Diathermy, Cryotherapy [Cold/Ice], Electrotherapeutics, High Volt Galvanic Stimulation, Pre-modulated, IFC, TENS, MENS, Iontophoreses, NeuroMuscular Electrical Stim, Functional Electrical Stim, BiPhasic Stimulation, Low Voltage Electrical Stim, Light Therapy, Vasopneumatic Compression, Therapeutic Procedures and Exercises, Mechanical Traction, Canalith Repositioning Procedures [CRP], Therapeutic Massage, Myofascial and Connective Tissue Release Techniques.

Salient Features:

  • Generation of reminders and recall notifications
  • Physical Therapy-specific ICD 10, CPT codes
  • Create custom treatment plans for patients with ease
  • Inbuilt E&M coder for to code precisely instead of down coding or up-coding and thus minimize any later complications or loss in revenue.
  • Fax signed charts directly through EHR
  • Evidence-based knee, shoulder and lower back injury protocols
  • Provides secure patient access to request appointments and medication refills, receive test results, obtain educational material, update specific predefined data such as demographics, allergies, and medication, etc.
  • Easily document patient data using multiple data entry methods such as point & click, voice recognition and handwriting recognition.
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