Patient Reminders

Patient Reminders

Are no-show and cancellation rates eating into your practice revenues?

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Recent research studies have revealed that many medical practices have a no-show rate of 20-30 percent. That kind of waste is detrimental to your revenue, your patients’ health, your reputation, and your quality outcomes.

remindersOmniMD’s Automated Patient Reminder system can reduce no-shows, cancellations and missed appointments by 30 percent or more.

Research also shows that the effectiveness of your patient reminder system depends on ensuring it has several functionalities including:

OmniMD gives you the tools to meet these needs through an integrated, multi-pronged communication approach:

Multi-Modal Channels:
Offers multiple communication methods – text, email and interactive voice technology (IVR)

Integrates with appointment scheduler and Cloud EHR:
no need to upload patient demographics and appointments on a daily basis

Personalize and Automate Messages:
Reminders proactively reach patients with friendly messages with multiple response options to confirm, cancel, or change the appointment.

Generate Tracking Documentation:
Generate a report on all reminders, including the appointment status as well as information on number of tries, communication method used, and easy rescheduling options chosen.

HIPAA Compliance:
Secure, appropriate messages are delivered in compliance with privacy and accessibility regulations.

Enhance Patient Experience:
Enhance patient engagement and loyalty while building better adherence and outcomes in the practice-physician-patient relationships.

Tailor custom message for high-risk patient groups:
enhance population health alerts for chronic patients

OmniMD has helped over 12,000 healthcare professionals improve their clinical operations, patient care and collections through our solutions and services. Let us help you “take back your practice, patients and profits” by helping you cut your no-show and cancellation rates by 30% or more.

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