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Patient Kiosk

Are you Creating the Best Patient Experience in the Waiting Room?

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PRACTICE MANAGEMENTForms, forms and more forms stand in the way of authentic care and communication with patients. It’s more work for staff and more hassles for patients and family.Our Patient Check-In Kiosk can help streamline the patient check-in process while setting the stage for happier patients, more efficient processing, and more face-time with clinicians.

OmniMD empowers patients and streamlines office processes:

Patients can easily update or correct key information – demographics, insurance, family, medical, surgical and social history
Patients can make payments and co-payments
Accessed securely through kiosks or tablets
Help patients prepare for physician questions during face-time
Uncover unasked questions or reveal important concerns that need addressed
Easily complete pre-appointment questionnaires and sign consent forms
Integrate with the OmniMD Cloud EHR to provide a patient dashboard of personal information as well as their current health plan
Let staff spend more time building relationships and no time pushing forms
Integrates with Cloud EHR and all patient information is available for providers and staff to review before the patient is seen

OmniMD has helped over 12,000 healthcare professionals improve their clinical operations, patient care and collections through our solutions and services. Let us help you “take back your practice, patients and profits” by streamlining intake processes and giving you more time for patient relationships and care.

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