Patient Engagement

Patient Portal

Patient portals get a bad wrap. And, many deserve it for good reason. Most are clunky, hard to use, and don’t add anything to the quality of care patients and their families receive.

Moreover, patient portals are core requirements for MU2 and MU3.

  • MU2: 50 percent of patients must have access to an electronic copy of their health information and 5 percent of patients must have used the capability to access and download their information.
  • MU3: 80 percent of patients must have access to an electronic copy of their health information and patient-specific educational resources must be provided to more than 35%

But, what if a patient portal delivered on the vision of access to medical information, easy healthcare management, and seamless communication with physicians and caregivers, along with streamlined functionality to pay bills, request prescription refills and schedule appointments?

OmniMD delivers on that vision through our Patient Portal:

  • Easy-to-use: even for the least techy patient
  • Available to patients, family and physicians from anywhere, anytime online
  • Basic features like patient scheduling, medical history, and lab results
  • Key features include intake forms, secure two-way communications with the practice
  • Secure Messaging that complies with Meaningful Use standards
  • Automatic health alerts and reminders can be sent, and tracked
  • Send automatic communication on upcoming appointments, procedures and lab tests
  • Automate medication refill requests and cut down on administrative follow-up
  • Child and Adult Immunization module gives easy access to required documents
  • Simple online bill paying interface can replace paper statements and make paying easier and faster
  • Online statements can share the same level of detail as your paper statements

Patient Kiosk

Faster check ins, shorter wait times and happy patients.

OmniMD simplify your patient check in process. OmniMD Kiosk is an easy-to-use, self-service check in solution that allows patients to enter pre-appointment information through tablets and touch screen displays.

OmniMD Kiosk solution revolutionizes patient check in by allowing patients to fill in their demographics, insurance information, family and social history, consent forms, patient satisfaction surveys and other customized forms as soon as they walk into the clinic. The Kiosk fully integrates with OmniMD EHR, allowing patient information to be immediately available into the EHR once patient check in is completed.

OmniMD Kiosk solution empowers patients and streamlines office processes:

  • Patients can easily update or correct key information – demographics, insurance, family, medical, surgical and social history
  • Patients can make payments and co-payments
  • Help patients prepare for physician questions during face-time
  • Uncover unasked questions or reveal important concerns that need addressed
  • Easily complete pre-appointment questionnaires and sign consent forms
  • Integrate with the OmniMD Cloud EHR to provide a patient dashboard of personal information as well as their current health plan
  • Let staff spend more time building relationships and no time pushing forms
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