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As an Otolaryngologist, you provide care for the treatment of disorders of the ear, nose, throat and related bodily structures

OmniMD Otolaryngology EHR and Practice Management incorporates comprehensive Otolaryngology specific forms, workflows & procedures aiding in quick and accurate charting of diagnosis, treatment & management for:

Balance disorders, Hearing testing, Neurologic hearing disorders, Surgery for the correction of hearing disorders, Insertion of ventilating tubes, tympanoplasty, stapedectomy, BAHA (Bone anchored hearing aid), Tinnitus.

Sinus disease/Sinus surgeries, Obstructive Sleep apnea, Snoring/snoring surgeries, Septoplasty, Nasal fractures, Nose bleeds.

Disease of the larynx, pharynx, Tonsils and adenoids, Thyroid surgeries, Tongue tie, Diagnosis of voice/swallowing disorders.

Facial Trauma/Orbital fractures, Reconstructive surgery, Excision of lesions-benign or malignant

Blepharoplasty, Botox Cosmetic, Facelifts, Fillers, Laser facial treatments, Otoplast

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Specialty-Specific Features:

Generation of reminders and recall notifications
Otolaryngology specific ICD 10, CPT codes
Create custom treatment plans for patients with ease
Inbuilt E&M coder for to code precisely instead of down coding or up-coding and thus minimize any later complications or loss in revenue.
Fax signed charts directly through EHR
Provides secure patient access to request appointments and medication refills, receive test results, obtain educational material, update specific predefined data such as demographics, allergies, and medication, etc.
Easily document patient data using multiple data entry methods such as point & click, voice recognition and handwriting recognition.
Effortless integration with Laboratories, HIEs, Hospitals Systems, Registries and Medical Devices. Bidirectional integration capacity with Octopus Perimeter, Digital Imaging, Digital Cameras, and capability to create diagrams

Templates for Otolaryngology (ENT) practices

OmniMD Otolaryngology EHR and Practice Management is equipped with easy to use, intuitive Otolaryngology Specific Templates. Each template is expertly crafted for the unique needs of Otolaryngologist leading to quick and accurate charting of an encounter.

Balance disorders Nose Bleeds Septoplasty
Hearing testing Tympanoplasty Nasal Fractures
Neurologic Hearing Disorders Obstructive Sleep Apnea Stapedectomy
Sinus Disease Snoring Tinnitus
Sinus Surgery Snoring Surgery

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