Medical Billing Software Testimonials

We have been using OmniMD since 2008. It has been a great tool for our patient care and billing. It’s very easy to use and works for all our specialties.

Multispecialty Practice, NY

The OmniMD people understand our needs, and whenever we call, we know exactly who we are speaking to. Another point is the level of customization OmniMD delivers. Each practice has their own needs, and OmniMD is one of the few vendors to offer a very high-level of customization to entertain

Cardiology Practice, NY

OmniMD has helped me tremendously with building my cardiovascular practice. It is very reliable and adaptable software. I use it for my office notes, reporting non-invasive tests, including stress tests with different modalities of imaging, as well as billing. I highly recommend OmniMD.

Cardiology Practice, CA

OmniMD has helped us save money in overall practice operations as we have grown. Scheduling, eligibility verification and billing all run smoothly. Charting is fast and comprehensive. All the forms and workflow we need …are in the EHR. OmniMD delivers as promised.

Pain Management Practice, FL

The two things that I really like is that the software does everything we need from scheduling to billing. The other great thing about the product is the excellent customer service

Family Practice, AZ