When is your Support Team available?

OmniMD Support can be reached Monday through Friday, between 8 am ET/5 am PT and 8 pm ET/5 pm PT, excluding National holidays. You can reach out directly to the OmniMD Support Team via email (support@omnimd.com) or phone (1-844-666-4632 Extension 2).

What support can I expect after signing up?

OmniMD offers a full-service package with complete onboarding and training program with your subscription. Our team assists you through the entire onboarding process including setting up a provider, enrolling in electronic claims, sending your test batch of electronic claims, and having your claims accepted by at least one major insurance company. You will be assigned an Implementation and Training Specialist who will be with you through your entire setup process.

How will OmniMD bill my account?

Subscription fees are billed monthly within the first week of the current month for the previous month of service, except for the setup and training fees which are billed in advanced. We accept payment by direct debit through your checking account or by check. Payments are due on the 15th day of each month.

Can you do data transfers?

This directly depends on your current software vendor and how they can currently export or converts your data. In most cases, we can import your patient demographics with insurance, appointments, and patient balance(s). Manual data entry is always a choice available. You can provide your data in a variety of formats, including a Comma–Separated Value (.CSV) or Microsoft Excel (.XLS), Text (.TXT), etc. Our onboarding team can also remotely access your system and attempt to acquire your data at no additional charge, if possible.

Will the system automatically log-off?

Automatic Log-off is a part of HIPAA compliance. Once you leave your workstation idle, the system logs you out in few minutes based on your default setting. Users will need to re-enter the login credentials to regain entry.