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  • 1. Why you should choose OmniMD RCM over others?

    OmniMD is an integrated one-stop platform tailored to serve independent medical practices, billers & medical billing companies, trusted by thousands of users. We help you automate entire billing cycle to get you paid faster and accurately. Our cloud technology allows you to help manage multiple businesses with Single Sign-on, achieve 97% first pass clean claims ratio, reduce administrative costs with 20% lesser claim rejections, offer business insights with transaction & analytical KPI dashboards, better manage Account Receives with our ARQ Manager, and benchmark your performance against peers.

  • 2. How much does OmniMD RCM costs?

    OmniMD RCM offers flexible affordable solutions to accommodate your unique business needs, including monthly subscription rates to transaction-based pricing options, for larger groups and billing companies, offered with short or longer-term contracts with additional discounts. There is no start-up cost, and we scale our pricing based on your needs and business growth. We also provide services assisting migration from your current system. Pricing also depends on the customization required to interface with your EHR. Contact OmniMD Solution Consultants to get a personalized review and learn about onboarding options.

  • 3. Is there a start-up cost or initial fees during the implementation?

    There is NO start-up cost. There may be a low start-up cost if any customizations are involved. We scale our pricing based on your needs and business growth. We also provide services to assist with your migration from your current system. Pricing also depends on the customization required to interface with your EHR. Contact OmniMD Solution Consultants to get a personalized review and learn about onboarding options.

  • 4. What does SaaS mean? Is OmniMD RCM a SaaS solution?

    SaaS stands for Software as a Service and is essentially the same as cloud-based service. OmniMD RCM is a SaaS solution and provides access to all of your data from any computer you have designated, as long as it is connected to a data network.

  • 5. What does OmniMD RCM offer?

    OmniMD RCM provides practice management and medical billing software solutions for individual billers, medical billing companies, physicians, and specialists. We offer a full suite including Registration, Scheduling, Insurance Verification, Claims Management, Electronic Payment Posting, and Accounts Receivable (AR) Management. You can either utilize integrated OmniMD EHR and/or we can also interface with your existing EHR.

  • 6. Do I need to purchase a new hardware device?

    OmniMD RCM is 100% cloud-based software and offered with document scanning and hosting solution option allowing the flexibility to be a paperless office.

  • 7. What data do we need to send you?

    When it comes to implementing the billing software, we will need patient demographics, insurance data, face sheets, encounter sheets (favorite ICDs and CPTs), fee schedule or %age of Medicare FFS, provider credentialing information for enrollment, etc. Our Solution Architects can guide in detail about requirement individual to your business. We can also offer guidance in case you would like to setup the system by your own.

  • 8. Can I use OmniMD RCM to submit electronic claims to all insurance companies?

    You can choose from a variety of clearinghouse options (we support multiple clearinghouse(s) for your business) available to submit to most payers who support electronic submission of claims, including Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Tricare, etc., in every state.

  • 9. Is your software ICD-10 ready?

    OmniMD has been ICD-10 ready & compliant since 2014. OmniMD RCM has a crosswalk tool built into the product where users can cross reference current ICD-9 codes with ICD-10 codes.

  • 10. How soon can I begin sending electronic claims?

    You can begin sending electronic claims to major commercial insurance payers, such as Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, and many others, within 48 hours of enrollment process. Some of the major payers, such as Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, may require authorization of enrollment form before you can start submitting electronic claims. The timeline varies for these payers and can typically take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

  • 11. Who is responsible for data backup?

    OmniMD takes all the responsibility for maintaining and backing up your records.

  • 12. How long it takes to onboard/setup my account?

    Once you sign up with OmniMD RCM, a dedicated implementation consultant will contact you within 24 hours and share account setup kit. We are committed to your success and expect to have your account fully implemented within 7 days. Your representative will help coordinate your entire onboarding timeline which includes initial account setup, EDI, ERA, EFT, and Eligibility Verification enrollments and claims processing.

  • 13. Is my data secure?

    OmniMD securely store your records and information in our remote servers. Automatic offsite backups ensure the security of your data.

  • 14. What are OmniMD RCM’s Compliance Standards?

    OmniMD is EHNAC certified for HIPAA compliance standards for ePHI, which means your ePHI is safe with us and our subcontractors. Physical and electronic barriers to data breach include our compliance policies with all of our subsidiaries, advanced encryption, auditing, and a secure network with offsite backup to all of your ePHI data.

  • 15. Which insurance paper and electronic claim formats are supported by OmniMD RCM?

    OmniMD currently supports the CMS 1500 paper claim format and ANSI 837p electronic claim format. We also support institutional claim formats including UB-04 and 837I.

  • 16. Can you do data transfers?

    This directly depends on your current software vendor and how they can currently export or converts your data. In most cases, we can import your patient demographics with insurance, appointments, and patient balance(s). Manual data entry is always a choice available. You can provide your data in a variety of formats, including a Comma–Separated Value (.CSV) or Microsoft Excel (.XLS), Text (.TXT), etc. Our onboarding team can also remotely access your system and attempt to acquire your data at no additional charge, if possible.

  • 17. What support can I expect after signing up?

    OmniMD offers a full-service package with complete onboarding and training program with your subscription. Our team assists you through the entire onboarding process including setting up a provider, enrolling in electronic claims, sending your test batch of electronic claims, and having your claims accepted by at least one major insurance company. You will be assigned an Implementation & Training Specialist who will be with you through your entire setup process.

  • 18. Will the system automatically log-off?

    Automatic Log-off is a part of HIPAA compliance. Once you leave your workstation idle, the system logs you out in few minutes based on your default setting. Users will need to re-enter the login credentials to regain entry.

  • 19. Can I process Credit Card payments from patients using OmniMD RCM?

    Yes, we offer our providers the flexibility to accept credit cards in person, online, or over the phone.  It is simple and affordable to set up an account and start processing credit cards in OmniMD and can be used with or without a card swiping device.  The payments are processed through a merchant account, deposited directly into your bank account, and posted to OmniMD.  You can contract through our partner Bill Flash directly for monthly fees and contracting.

  • 20. When is your Support Team available?

    OmniMD Support can be reached Monday through Friday, between 8 am ET/5 am PT and 8 pm ET/5 pm PT, excluding National holidays. You can reach out directly to the OmniMD Support Team via email (support@omnimd.com) or phone (1-844-666-4632 Extension 2).

  • 21. How will OmniMD bill my account?

    Subscription fees are billed monthly within the first week of the current month for the previous month of service, except for the setup and training fees which are billed in advanced. We accept payment by direct debit through your checking account or by check. Payments are due on the 15th day of each month.

  • 22. Who setups an account with a clearinghouse? What is the fee involved?

    Your Implementation Specialist will guide you to choose the best clearinghouse and assist you through the enrolment process with the clearinghouse. OmniMD RCM integrated platform offers and includes cloud-based medical billing software with electronic connectivity to insurers, all provided under one affordable fee structure.

  • 23. Can OmniMD RCM software be used to bill for Out-of-Network providers?

    Each insurance company has a different policy regarding how they reimburse for medical claims associated with Out-of-Network providers and the level of services including electronic claims, remittance, and eligibility they support with Out-of-Network providers. Such payer policies are independent of the software or clearinghouse utilized. We strongly suggest you call each insurance company to get a conclusive answer regarding their claim reimbursement process and the electronic services they support for Out-of-Network providers.

  • 24. Can I run OmniMD RCM on a Mac?

    OmniMD is a web-based application and works the best with Windows based OS and browsers. Mac users can seamlessly run Windows applications by installing a compatibility program/thin client and Windows license.

  • 25. What are the key system requirements?

    OmniMD runs the best in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 11. OmniMD RCM being a cloud-based system, we recommend a high-speed Internet connection such as DSL, Cable Modem, or T1. The minimum system requirements are Windows PC with at least 2 GHz Intel Pentium III processor, Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System or higher (with latest service pack), 1024x768 screen resolution, 19-inch monitor, and minimum 4 GB RAM.

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“Our practice has been very pleased with the outcomes of your billing & collection services. You have been both informative and patient as we continue to become a more efficient practice. We have recognized that collections have been improved due to your diligence and tenacity.

Thank you for your kindness and hard work.”

Maureen Lacey, Office Manager, Psychiatry Practice

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“I think this electronic medical record is very good and easy to understand and get the job done. I highly recommend it. The sales and IT support staff and billing support staff are phenomenal. Any electronic medical record that you choose is only as good as the support staff to help you navigate and troubleshoot any issues that will arise. This company does a great job of customizing your preferences and making you feel important as a customer. Terrific company.”

Gastroenterology Practice, IL

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“I want to thank you for your wonderful service!  You are very prompt with replies to my questions.  Very prompt with claim submission and follow up.  Friendly when I speak to you on the phone. Overall, excellent experience with OMNI.  We are very pleased with everything you do!

Have a wonderful day!

Abby, Office Manager, Renewed Vitality

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“We have been using OmniMD since 2008. It has been a great tool for our patient care and billing. It's very easy to use and works for all our specialties.”

Multispecialty Practice, NY

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