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Document faster and more accurately, and intuitively visualize your patients’ complete medical record for better decision-making with OmniMD. From ePrescribing and reminders to clinical summaries and AI analytics, our secure cloud-based electronic health record is configurable for the unique needs and specialty of your medical practice. Easily complete medical charting and seamlessly integrate and access patient data across all your mobile and information technology platforms.



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Patient Portal Integration

Practice Management Integration

Rapid Charting with Flexible Options

Order Sets, Configurable Templates

Critical Patient Information at a Glance

Real-time Patient Flows

Drag-and-drop Scheduling

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eRx with ePCS

Integrated Speech-to-text

Rich Patient Summaries

Integrated Telemedicine App

Patient Friendly Health Portal

Quality Initiative Reporting

Intelligent Task Management

Bidirectional Lab Integrations

The templates are uniformly designed to bring familiarity and speed, enabling providers to quickly learn EHR workflows and reconfigure to suit their own. The system minimizes clicks with automatic favorite lists; select from a preconfigured provider-specific list of frequently used diagnoses, medications, prescriptions, procedures, and pharmacies for rapid charting and minimizing manual entry. With natural language filters and refined medical library, you never need to remember diagnostic codes again.

You have access to thousands of charting templates built by providers and tailor them to fit your workflow. Not only a new patient clinical note, but followup notes for established patients can be documented much faster and allow gains in productivity. You can carry forward all the details of each chronic condition and only change the elements which have worsened or improved since the last office visit. A followup note where a patient has 4 chronic conditions and where the status of each condition is reassessed but unchanged can take less than 2 minutes to complete. This fast but comprehensive documentation allows more time to be spent actually assessing every patient, especially the sicker and more complex patients.

OmniMD promotes and facilitates the documentation of the severity of the illness and/or symptom (mild, moderate, severe), the status (stable, improving or worsening), patient’s compliance, response to treatment, side effects of treatment, and documentation of significant events and test results since last visit.

Accuracy of documentation was always important for “record keeping,” i.e., what conditions does this patient have and what assessment and management were done in the past and what is pending. However, with the new efforts at quality and cost control, which are the foundation of value-based healthcare, accuracy of documentation has a new and more complex importance. You must and should capture each diagnosis you assess and show the medical necessity of the visit itself as well as tests ordered and treatments implemented.

EHR templates are designed to accurately capture the status of a new or existing symptom or the status of a chronic condition. The templates are comprehensive but intuitive and easy to learn and promote the capture of each condition and each comorbidity with discreet details essential for patient management, correct E&M coding and billing for the patient and the physician as well as risk assessment, quality and cost analysis for the healthcare system and payers.

Speciality Specific Templates
Note Assist Shortcuts
Integrated Dictation
Reason for Visit
Reason for Test - AUC
Reason for RX
Integrated Dictation
More Ease of Use
More Productivity
Better Outcomes

Medical necessity refers to a decision by your health plan that your treatment, test, or procedure is necessary for your health or to treat a diagnosed medical problem. Most health plans will not pay for healthcare services that they deem to be not medically necessary. The intuitive template and workflow design allows a provider to capture the key components to medical necessity for accurate and complete documentation thereby leading to easy and quick approval of treatments.

The real-time dashboard on quality measure and improvement activities proactively shows the quality and complexity of care delivered and that’s all naturally captured while you are documenting from a simple med renewal visit to a complex patient documentation: shows how good you are. OmniMD renders a compliant, complete, error-free readable note using macros.

Value based care cannot be delivered without accurate, uniform, and reproducible costs. Unfortunately, the CMS Evaluation and Management guidelines are neither intuitive nor easy to understand leading to both undercharging and overcharging for services. It is essential to create an accurate charge for the level of service delivered at the office or hospital visit. OmniMD EHR templates capture the information required for accurate and reproducible billing by incorporating the elements in the CMS evaluation and management guidelines into the workflow.

Physicians, physician practices, and healthcare systems are being subjected to audits. Response to audit inquiries is very time consuming and expensive. OmniMD includes an audit tool in its E&M module which automatically audits the visit note using a standard CMS audit form to respond to audit inquiries. The OmniMD Audit Tool provides a color-coded CMS audit form for every visit: 100% real time audit capability.

Chart the way you want and cut out the typing with complete dictation and transcription support. We speak Dragon, integrate with your audio files, and keep all your relevant recordings in one place.

With flexible design, streamlined workflows, and customizable solutions for documentation needs, OmniMD EHR accomplishes the vision of a truly connected office where patients, providers, payers, pharmacies, and technology are integrated fully and seamlessly. With our Direct Messaging service, you can also exchange clinical data with other EHRs at a very small cost — helping you make better clinical decision and deliver quality of care.
Improve patient’s experience and engagement by enabling easy patient access and management of medical records, bill payments, prescription refill requests, and appointment scheduling. Securely connect and communicate with appointment reminders, health alerts, billing updates, and follow-up instructions within the patient portal for better visualization and response.
OmniMD TeleMD is a straightforward and secure integrated telemedicine solution with its specialty-specific EHR system designed for healthcare providers. The platform makes it easy to provide virtual care because of its simplicity of use for patients. It is a HIPAA complaint that works on any modern browser and requires no downloads. It improves patient experience through the OmniMD TeleMD app on Android and App stores. Real-time audio and video capabilities can help providers reach vulnerable patient populations conveniently at the comfort of their home and allows you to practice medicine virtually anytime, anywhere.

OmniMD is built on a single integrated platform to fit your practice size and specialty needs. The intuitive design and workflows allow you to save time, assures accuracy, and give you flexibility and mobility not seen elsewhere. You can eliminate a drain of administrative resources needed to manage multiple systems and reduce the amount of time required in staff training on multiple systems and coordination flows between departments. OmniMD EHR and PM brings the practical benefits of only being required to manage one system and one vendor—one of the most compelling reason for selecting a fully integrated practice management system that removes barriers to data sharing and analysis within a practice.

A consolidated dashboard assists in performance analysis and allows users to view and generate reports on a number of key metrics such as total revenue, number of patients seen, new and established patients seen, what and how many procedures, revenue trends, no shows and cancelation trends, and potential problems regarding the flow of patients to providers and the performance of workflows. In nutshell, one platform approach helps a practice better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own practice and make more informed decisions on how to improve your operations and provide better quality of care.

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“Our practice has been very pleased with the outcomes of your billing and collection services. You have been both informative and patient as we continue to become a more efficient practice. We have recognized that collections have been improved due to your diligence and tenacity.

Thank you for your kindness and hard work.”

Maureen Lacey, Office Manager, Psychiatry Practice

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“I think this electronic medical record is very good and easy to understand and get the job done. I highly recommend it. The sales and IT support staff and billing support staff are phenomenal. Any electronic medical record that you choose is only as good as the support staff to help you navigate and troubleshoot any issues that will arise. This company does a great job of customizing your preferences and making you feel important as a customer. Terrific company.”

Gastroenterology Practice, IL

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“I want to thank you for your wonderful service!  You are very prompt with replies to my questions.  Very prompt with claim submission and follow up.  Friendly when I speak to you on the phone. Overall, excellent experience with OMNI.  We are very pleased with everything you do!

Have a wonderful day!

Abby, Office Manager, Renewed Vitality

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“We have been using OmniMD since 2008. It has been a great tool for our patient care and billing. It's very easy to use and works for all our specialties.”

Multispecialty Practice, NY

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