Corporate Profile

As a division of Integrated Systems Management Inc., OmniMD has helped over 12,000 Healthcare Professionals and hundreds of medical practices transform their clinical operations, patient care and financial health through technology and services since 1989.

We are among a few who have achieved all these certifications for our EHR platform, OmniMD. These certifications indicate that our product meets the most stringent industry standards for functionality, interoperability, and security, including:

ONC Transparency

Mandatory Electronic Prescribing Effective March 27, 2016 for State of New York Practitioners are mandated to electronically prescribe both controlled and non-controlled substances effective March 27, 2016 for State of New York. As OmniMD is EHNAC certified, any practitioner in NY can prescribe both controlled and non-controlled substances.

EHNAC’s program demonstrates the operational integrity of companies that use e-prescribing, by affirming compliance with industry regulations and all necessary standards for transaction timeliness, security and privacy with new prescriptions and renewals.

Today, we have taken up the charge from our clients and physician practices nationally to help them “Take back your practice, patients and profits.” Our EHR, Practice Management and Medical Billing Solutions, are empowering small, medium and large practices to take better control of how they want to care for patients within the current, and future regulatory and business environment.

OmniMD is proud to rank among INC.’s 500:5000 fastest companies in the US. Click here for request a demo.

To us, “Take Back Your Practice…” means helping you achieve five things for your organization:

Get Back to Patient Care Faster: Automate and streamline your medical practice workflow and processes through easy-to-use tech tools. Spend Quality (and less) Time with the EHR: Equip yourselves with next-generation tools that work the way you actually think and practice. Control the Chaos of Care: Use integrated clinical, administrative, and financial solutions backed by state-of-the-art analytics. Make Your Work Easier – Make Their Lives Healthier: Engage patients by starting with simplifying their experience of working with you. Turn the Odds in Your Favor: Improve billing practices that optimize your profits while making you audit-confident.

OmniMD has built a reputation of responsive and fast customer support, delivering services and technology that solve problems; not make more. Let us help you “take back your practice, patients and profits” too.

Our Values

Our thoughts, speech and actions work have integrity and alignment.

Whatever we endeavor to do; we do our best.

Whatever we endeavor to do; we do in the best interest of our clients.

We will delight all whom we touch — clients, employees, vendors, and our environment.

We build our employees; our employees build our company; our company serves our clients.

We never ask someone to do what we would not do ourselves.

In everything we do, we have fun.