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Cloud EHR

Taking back your practice starts with your EHR.

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Let’s go beyond ineffective and poorly designed systems and take a step into the next-generation of EHR.

When we talk to physicians and practice leaders, they dream of a solution that makes their work easier and their patients’ lives healthier.

Dream no longer and take a stand.

OmniMD provides a practical, transformative solution that’s easy-to-adopt:

Single Platform:
One solution that combines the must-have features for medical documentation, practice management and patient engagement.Clinical & Business Decision Support:
Clinical analytics and pathways present data logically for rapid analysis and decision-making. Integrated business analytics enhances patient care while optimizing practice and revenue management.OmniMD goes beyond conventional EHR systems by benchmarking data. OmniMD business decision support system is a business intelligence solution developed exclusively for providers by providers.

The system automatically tracks, manages and monitors clinical and practice management performance to facilitate improved clinical and business outcomes

Made the Way You Practice:
OmniMD’s intuitive and elegant interface has been designed by physicians to support specialty workflow and priorities.

Addressing Needs of Specialists:
We build each specialty workflow in consultation with real specialists. Interface, clinical pathways, device integration, and templates meet the unique needs for over 20 specialties (and counting).

Minimal Training:
OmniMD requires minimal training because its design reflects the real-world way physicians, assistants, billing and patient support staff function. Physicians can maximize their time with specialty friendly features and functionality.

Multi-Modal Data Input via NLP:
OmniMD converts voice to text, turning unstructured data – which makes up 80% of patient data – into structured information. Now, you can easily access data aggregation and analytics and have more confidence in, both, clinical and business outcomes.

1-Minute Charting:
Cut the time it takes to create a follow-up chart from five minutes to less than one, and an initial visit from eight minutes to less then two. OmniMD enables fast, yet comprehensive charting because of powerful macros that automatically populate discrete clinical data from previous visits.

Accurate & Audit-Confident Coding:
OmniMD helps you capture revenue you’ve earned while mitigating audit risk through seamless access to and analysis of all available clinical and financial data. Plus, our Coding Scrubber hunts out missing and incorrect coding information and alerts you for corrections.

Multi-Device & Lab Integration:
integrates with all clinical devices including labs, radiology, Xrays, EKGs, sonograms, echocardiograms, MRIs, etc.

Interop with Your Ecosystem:
OmniMD makes interoperability possible and more straightforward, utilizing an HL7 interface and a hub-and-spoke technology architecture. Now, providers can connect with hundreds of payers, labs and patients easily.

Simplified Benchmarking:
OmniMD benchmarks critical data within your practice for analysis that facilitates improved practice management, patient engagement and office workflow.

OmniMD has built a reputation of flexible and fast customer attention, delivering proven services and next-generation technology that solve problems; not make more. Let us help you “take back your practice, patients and profits” through our Cloud EHR, PM and Billing Solutions.


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