Analytics & Reporting

Analytics & Reporting

Are you basing your practice’s business,
financial and strategic decisions on your gut?

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Analyatics and reportingOmniMD business decision support system (BDSS) is an integral part of our Cloud EHR system. It collects and analyzes practice data, giving physicians and practice leadership the power to optimize practice and revenue management while further elevating patient care.

BDSS goes beyond transactional-focused EHRs by benchmarking real-time data captured from your practice. Our analytics solution includes the following:

Examine critical data points for insights and improvements – office workflow, medical records, lab results, billing status and a host of other critical data points
Capture feedback to improve financial performance and clinical outcomes
Easily see the big picture and patterns of your own practice to improve workflow and operational efficiency
Recognize key trends and opportunities that could improve patient care and financial strength

OmniMD has helped over 12,000 healthcare professionals improve their clinical operations, patient care and collections through our solutions and services. Let us help you “take back your practice, patients and profits” by activating powerful and easy-to-engage tools supporting insights that are more fruitful and making better strategic decisions.

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