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We are a leading provider of all in one electronic health record (EHR), practice management (PM), and revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions and services for medical practices. We have partnered with large and small medical practices, medical management organizations, and medical billing companies to improve patient and provider experience, optimize operations and maximize financial health. We are OmniMD.

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Our Executive Leadership Team


Divan Dave


Divan Dave founded OmniMD in 2001 and serves as its chief executive officer. Mr. Dave served at Thomson Financial Group, where he rose quickly to an executive leadership role on a mission-critical application. He came to the US from India in 1984 armed with two masters degrees (in chemistry and computer science), boundless energy and drive. Mr. Dave earned his third masters degree, in computer science, in 1986 from City University of New York (CUNY).


Prem Pusuloori


Prem Pusuloori is responsible for setting the strategic direction of technology, designing and implementing new solutions, managing and monitoring existing systems, and cloud and data management. Mr. Pusuloori holds masters degrees in both organic chemistry and remote sensing geography, and has completed post-grad work in computer science.


Nili Dave


Nili Dave has been working as COO at OmniMD since 2001. She has earned her masters degree in computer science from New York Institute of Technology (NYIT). She is responsible for business operations, human resources and corporate finance


Akhil Singhal

Director – Implementation, Training and Support

Akhil Singhal has over 16 years of experience in implementation, training and support of various healthcare information technology products, with exposure to global markets. He has expertise in product development, project management, operations management, client services and business development in the realms of EHR, practice management and revenue cycle management. Mr. Singhal holds an MBA and a diploma in computer technology.

What Our Clients Say?

“Our practice has been very pleased with the outcomes of your billing and collection services. You have been both informative and patient as we continue to become a more efficient practice. We have recognized that collections have been improved due to your diligence and tenacity.

Thank you for your kindness and hard work.”

Maureen Lacey, Office Manager, Psychiatry Practice

Products And Services

  • Medical Billing Software Medical Billing Software

“I think this electronic medical record is very good and easy to understand and get the job done. I highly recommend it. The sales and IT support staff and billing support staff are phenomenal. Any electronic medical record that you choose is only as good as the support staff to help you navigate and troubleshoot any issues that will arise. This company does a great job of customizing your preferences and making you feel important as a customer. Terrific company.”

Gastroenterology Practice, IL

Products And Services

  • Medical Billing Service Medical Billing Services
  • Medical Billing Software Medical Billing Software

“I want to thank you for your wonderful service!  You are very prompt with replies to my questions.  Very prompt with claim submission and follow up.  Friendly when I speak to you on the phone. Overall, excellent experience with OMNI.  We are very pleased with everything you do!

Have a wonderful day!

Abby, Office Manager, Renewed Vitality

Products And Services

  • Medical Billing Service Medical Billing Services
  • Medical Medical Billing Software

“We have been using OmniMD since 2008. It has been a great tool for our patient care and billing. It's very easy to use and works for all our specialties.”

Multispecialty Practice, NY

Products And Services

  • Medical Billing Service Medical Billing Services
  • Medical Billing Software Medical Billing Software

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