Artificial Intelligence in 2017- Remodeling Healthcare and Resolving Problems


Latest studies and products show how artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare.Healthcare is adopting AI that solves various problems for patients, hospitals, and overall healthcare industry. Let’s consider some major areas where AI can significantly help. 

  1. Difference in Language Learning: AI aims at making computers behave in a smarter way. This can be achieved by either curated knowledge or machine learning.
  2. Building of Bionic Hands: Newcastle University in the United Kingdom developed a bionic hand which is attached to a camera to take pictures of the object in front of it instantaneously. It also assesses its shape and size and sets a series of actions of hand.
  3. Detection of Tuberculosis: AI is capable of identifying tuberculosis through chest X-rays. This would help to screen and evaluate efforts in TB-prevalent areas which are not accessible to radiologists.
  4. Treatment of PTSD for Veterans: Watson AI has helped achieve a 73 percent psychotherapy completion rate among veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.
  5. Clinical Documentation Improvement: Computer-assisted physician documentation tool or CDSS are being developed by the EHR vendors who work to improve severity-adjusted quality scores, and better understand reimbursement and risk adjustment factors to enhance care management.
  6. Brain Bleeding Detection: IBM Watson Health in collaboration with a technology firm is combining AI resources to help doctors in emergency rooms to detect intracranial bleeding resulting from head trauma and stroke. Their algorithm uses deep learning, machine vision, patient data and clinical insights to automatically highlight areas that might indicate the possible presence of bleeding in cerebral region.

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