Speech Recognition helps to improve Efficiency and Profitability


More than ever, the medical profession is overwhelmed with challenges of delivering both quality and quantity of patient services. The workload of providers and nursing staff have doubled over the years including activities related to medical assistance, laboratory tests, medical advice and consultation, prescriptions, and various other medical needs. Subsequently, these providers and their staff are not able to perform and finish their task efficiently.  To comply with the federal requirements, they take out time to record and document patient notes and use transcriptionists to assist them in achieving their daily goals.  These patient notes must be organized and stored accurately electronically for maintaining patient records within the acceptable time frame.

Dragon Medical is of much help to get through the documentation activities.  This software was primarily designed to enhance the productivity of the provider and staff.  It would eliminate the need for handwritten transcripts or form filling in Electronic Health Records (EHRs).  Dragon Medical software can be used by most providers with ease at the point of care.  Providers can “speak their notes” into the speech software, and the patient notes will get translated and appear on screen just as a provider would voice the words.

Dragon Medical helps tremendously in reducing the additional costs of transcriptionist.  Providers can make their transcribed notes, therefore, eliminating the need of hiring extra staff.  All the required medical vocabulary is accessible in the dragon software, making it easier to add the exact medical and English words necessary for creating the patient notes.

OmniMD has you completely covered.

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