House passes ACA Revocation in Marginal Republican Victory


House Republicans gathered sufficient votes to turn over their health care bill on Thursday, rescuing what at times seemed to be a lost mission to cancel and partly replace the Affordable Care Act under extreme pressure from the President Donald Trump to consummate legislative accomplishments.

The 217-213 vote sends the American Health Care Act to the Senate, where it holds little prospect of being extended in its current form by the fellow Republicans who are frightened by reports that say the plan would cause millions to lose their health insurance. Trump posted on Twitter that he was observing the floor debate shortly before the suffrage.

“What kind of protection is Obamacare if there’s no health care plan to secure in your state?” Referring to the insurance companies’ decision to withdraw coverage in some countries, House Speaker Paul Ryan said, “We can put this failing law behind us along with the collapsed experiment.”

Health Group Opposition

Health organizations together with patient-advocacy groups almost consistently oppose the Republican scheme. Andrew Gurman, President of American Medical Association, said, “Millions of Americans will have to surrender their health insurance as a primary result of this proposal,” in a statement. AARP, the lobby of senior citizens, said that $8 billion added to the proposal to fund care for people with pre-existing medical conditions was a “free dispensation to insurance companies.”

Republican senators have read they won’t vote on the plan to repeal the ACA until they receive an updated CBO analysis.

Republican Concerns

Senators- Susan Collins of Maine, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Cory Gardner of Colorado, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are among those who have conveyed concern or utter opposition to the House bill.

Referring to crediting people more if they have pre-existing medical conditions, Collins said that she just cannot go for it. She added that she would need assurances that high-risk pools would be amply funded.

Cassidy and Collins are favoring a different framework that would retain the ACA taxes and allow countries to keep the Affordable Care Act mainly in lieu if they prefer, or go for a more market-established arrangement.

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