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Practice Management / Revenue Cycle Management

Today’s healthcare providers often need more than simple medical billing and collections. Practice Management can significantly affect the revenue and cash flow of a practice by reducing the number of rejected claims and automating claims submission.

Medical billing companies grapple with multiple providers and payers in an increasingly complex environment.  An advanced Practice Management system can increase the biller’s efficiency and enable faster collections with fewer denials.

OmniMD’s Practice Management has unique features which enable you to:

  • Easily identify dramatic improvements in the efficiency of your billing and collections processes
  • Execute successful denial management to reduce denials and improve revenues
  • Efficiently manage outstanding claims through follow-up activity and generate more revenues
  • Reduce Total Accounts Receivable and AR Days
  • Reduce turn-around-time ratio from submission date to final claims resolution date
  • Reduce time spent to process payments and insurance carrier responses
  • Saves time in enrollment process for clearing houses and expedite your go-live time

OmniMD’s Practice Management offers full integration with any EHR, appointment system, and charge capture.  It includes the functionality of a practice management system from eligibility verification and billing through claims status to payment posting. OmniMD’s Practice Management has advanced capabilities which improve the efficiency and effectiveness of practice.

OmniMD’s Practice Management unique features include:

  • Total workflow process, from first contact with patient through collections
  • Can create master patient record across locations or practices
  • Can see all the activity of a patient as a single record (cases)
  • Enterprise/Business/Practice user level associations, so a billing supervisor can manage follow-up across multiple practices, or a business manager can administer multiple practices
  • Flexible provider/group billing credentials setup, so a user can set up billing credentials for a provider at multiple locations, insurance companies and plans
  • Electronic claim submission through 4 major clearing houses available
  • Bulk payment posting
  • Claims can be grouped into different buckets for follow-up and maintain follow-up activities with history
  • Automated follow-up—No need to hunt for open claims and filter them no outstanding claim can be ignored by chance.
  • Document Management
  • Business Intelligence reporting

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