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altEHRs vs. Paper-based Systems:
5 Key Criteria for Ascertaining Value

Why are so many physicians still using paper-based systems? Is it the cost of EHRs? Is it the effort required to implement EHRs and be trained to use them? Is the fear of having to alter the existing workflow? Which areas of a practice can one look to see if, in fact, an EHR has delivered return on investment?

This complimentary white paper outlines 5 key criteria for ascertaining value when contrasting EHRs with their paper-based predecessors. By looking at these 5 core areas of a practice, it becomes easier to identify the gains one should be looking for to definitively answer this important question.
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choosing an emr Choosing an EHR:

Important Questions to Ask the Vendor, and Yourself

Whether your practice wants to move from paper to electronic health records (EHR) or you are looking to replace an EHR or electronic medical record (EMR) system that doesn’t meet your practice’s needs, choosing new software is a process fraught with pitfalls.  Who can you trust?  How do you decide?

This complimentary white paper recommends how to assess your practice’s readiness and provides a number of important questions to ask an EHR vendor, including such areas as Meaningful Use, ease of implementation, stability and commitment.

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omnixchange wp image Drowning in Data:  

Why Hospitals, Clinics and ACOs Need an Interface Engine

There is mounting evidence that health information technology (HIT) can improve health care quality and patient safety.  Health information exchange (HIE) is also a critical component of success with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), the meaningful use of health IT, and health reform initiatives.

This complimentary white paper explores HIE for hospitals, clinics and ACOs, and explains how an interface engine can improve interoperability while easing and expediting secure application-to-application messaging and health care decision-making.

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Complimentary White Papers on Evaluating EHRs, HIE, ACO and Revenue Cycle Management

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