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The OmniMD specialty EHR and practice management system product suite is supported by its comprehensive set of onsite and back-office services that facilitate seamless integration between all practice departments and third-party providers. OmniMD is a one-stop EHR solution.

OmniMD services are tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs and support their practice processes, resources, and requirements—no matter the specialty.

Eligibility Verification
The Eligibility Verification system helps determine the status of each patient’s insurance coverage prior to service. Through early identification of insurance-ineligible patients, billing staff can make alternative payment arrangements in a timely and proactive manner. Read more.

Patient Reminder
Patient Reminder is an automated voice technology system that calls and plays a message to remind the patient about an upcoming appointment, and captures the patient’s response. Read more.

Medical Transcription and Faxing
OmniMD provides advanced medical transcription and automated fax services. Our service setup achieves a record turnaround time and has set a very high benchmark for medical. Read more.

Scanning and Indexing
OmniMD  offers  scanning  and  indexing services to help practices convert their  paper  records to electronic file format.  Patient documents  are  scanned and indexed based on each practice’s unique criteria and stored.   Read more.

Lab Order Integration
In a  further  step towards complete consolidation,  OmniMD provides a Lab Order Entry interface for entering lab results into patient records. The system ensures a coordinated effort between providers  and  laboratories.  Read more.

Implementation and Technical Support
OmniMD offers each client extensive technical support with the purchase of their software. Round-the-clock personalized assistance is available by telephone, email, or via the web by our team of Microsoft certified IT professionals. Read more.

System Integration
OmniMD integration services, based on HL7 standards, integrate client, vendor, and third-party systems to prevent disruptions, coordination hassles, billing errors, and compromise in the quality of care. Read more.

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