OmniACO: Solutions for Accountable Care and Population Health Management

In the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) value-based model, doctors and other providers are the leaders in improving clinical outcomes through patient-centered health solutions.  Yet doctors can’t provide accountable care without data.  

More than 400 ACOs have already been organized, motivated by providing quality continuing care while sharing in the savings they generate for CMS and other payers. Operating as an ACO is demanding, however, and involves monitoring and meeting 32 quality measures. Reliable and more sophisticated performance measurement is part of the model.

ACO solutions

Managing high-quality healthcare for a Medicare population as an ACO is impossible without:


  • Data capture from multiple sources (hospitals, labs, clinics, and other providers)
  • Continuous aggregation and exchange of patient health information (PHI) in a database
  • Rapid sharing of PHI for care coordination
  • Business intelligence tools to analyze both individual and population health trends, identify high risk individuals and populations, and report
  • Ability to measure against evidence-based medical standards
  • Enhanced clinical workflow and decision-making
  • Patient access to health records and active participation in managing their own care

The OmniACO™ Solution

OmniMD’s suite of products has the tools ACOs need to manage the many types of data involved, while freeing ACOs to focus on care. Why try to integrate several platforms and vendors? OmniACO has the solution.  Let us provide the services your ACO needs in a single integrated platform.

OmniXchange™ provides secure application-to-application messaging for the health care industry, including clinics, hospitals, EMR/EHRs, labs, and payers.

  • Advanced HL7 interface engine
  • Support for a wide range of communication standards
  • Easily add HL7 interfaces without programming

OmniEHR™ acts as a repository system to provide the necessary tools in care coordination and management, as well as patient engagement.

  • Care plan management
  • Clinical decision support
  • Web-based secure patient portal

OmniAnalytics™ provides the tools and technology to help you discover actionable information to support your population health management goals.

  • Clinical quality measures
  • Chronic condition management
  • Population health management
  • Cost utilization analytics and predictive modeling

If you are an ACO looking for a solution to improve operations and manage data, contact us.

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