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Studies show that 80% of physicians are unhappy with their current EHR/EMR Software. Physicians are upfront about their dissatisfaction with EHR Systems as well as their willingness to change providers for a system which meets their analytical and record keeping needs. OmniMD boasts a 99% client retention rate. 90% of newly acquired clients cite their reason for switching providers as being OmniMD‘s ability to meet their specialty specific requirements. Prospective clients are able to see this during a demo and experience it once the implementation goes live.

OmniMD has been developing EHR and Practice/Revenue Cycle Management software since long before the Affordable Care Act made the use of such systems mandatory. While most other EHR vendors tweak their software then sell it as medical specialty specific, through the years, OmniMD has completely rewritten its software with the guidance of physicians to ensure our EHR software is truly created with the providers needs in mind. As a true, cloud-based Practice/Revenue Cycle Management software provider, our retention and client acquisition rates attest to why 12,000 healthcare professionals considered OmniMD the leading EHR and Practice/Revenue Cycle Management vendor.


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