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NEW YORK, NY – August 17, 2004 (charge capture software)- One of the most common causes for inaccurate or lost billing is that physicians find it difficult to record all patient encounters at the end of the day, especially when they visit hospitals or other clinics. It may seem simple that physicians bill for each of the services they provide. Yet practices lose thousands of $$ yearly as a result of missed charges without realizing it. According to an estimate, physicians forget to record up to 20% of patient encounters, meaning they don’t get paid for them. Physicians can reduce lost charges, denied claims, and time-to-billing rates by using automated charge capture mechanism at the point of care.

The billing cycle can be managed smoothly with OmniMD™ charge capture software, which allows charge capture and creation of electronic Superbills right at the point of care. Using a Pocket PC, physicians can record charges on the fly, create electronic Superbills and then export the data directly into their practice’s billing software. Physicians will also be able to send electronic Superbills directly to their billing service provider, instead of sending paper-based Superbill. This ensures greater accuracy, avoidance of missed charges and quicker initiation of the billing process.

OmniMD™ Charge Capture Features:

At the Point-of-Care
With OmniMD™ Charge Capture you have the ability to create super bills right from where you are through your Tablet PC, Pocket PC or Desktop PC.

Charge Capturing Simplified
Commonly used CPT and ICD codes of each specialty are inbuilt into the system with easy retrieval facility. You can store your own list of top used codes and the chief complaints list for easy access. The super bill templates are also customized as per specialty.

Lower Charge Denials
While documenting the charge the software checks the eligibility of the CPT and ICD codes to ensure that wrong charges are not sent to the insurance company. The system comes with an E&M wizard for capturing accurate level of coding.

Improved Cash Flow
Many medical clinics suffer from large time-to-bill periods due to a need for billing re-entry, coordination etc. The system minimizes duplicated data entry and allows for a seamless integration with your practice management system.

Seamless Integration
The charge capture system is integrated with the appointment scheduler and most leading practice management systems. The super bills can be created only for scheduled appointments and patients that are met.

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OmniMD™ is a developer of HIPAA compliant Internet-based enterprise healthcare practice solutions, designed to fully automate the work-flow of contemporary healthcare organizations. The company is a division of Integrated Systems Management, Inc. –ISM- ( a leader in Internet consulting and e-business development since 1989.

OmniMD™’s suite of products and services empowers hundreds of clinics with the ability to efficiently automate and manage clinical processes and patient information electronically. With its comprehensive and flexible product modules, the suite allows you to choose a customized solution that grows with your practice needs and electronic readiness over a period of time. For additional information, please visit

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