Ophthalmology EHR and Practice Management

OmniMD’s Ophthalmology Specialty Specific and Meaningful Use compliant EHR and Practice Management features

1. Huge library of templates and workflows for ophthalmology related conditions including amblyopia, cataract, color blindness, conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer, glaucoma, keratitis, red eye, retinopathy, unequal pupils, entropion, blepharitis, nystagmus, etc.

Ophthalmology EHR software solutions

2. Quick exam screens including refractive re-check (prescription and surgical), IOP checks, post-op visits, general and disease specific follow-ups. Ability to customize sensory exam screen, refraction screen and list the patient’s glasses prescription.

3. Health Alerts maintenance and patient reminders for followup visits of patients, which assists in providing timely care for patients with Amblyopia, Cataract, Retinitis Pigmentosa, etc.

4. Complete Meaningful Stage (MU) Stage 2 certified EHR and Practice Management, 5 Star Usability Rating from CCHIT, Surescripts White Coat of Quality and EHNAC EPCSCP Certification for sending controlled prescriptions electronically.

5. Integration with Laboratories, HIEs, Hospitals Systems for Bi-Directional exchange of Patient and Visit information.

6. Encouraging Patients to communicate through OmniMD Patient Portal which allows them access to their medical records, appointment scheduling, messaging feature, etc.

7. OmniMD Ophthalmology EHR and OmniMD RCM are one integrated solution, providing best experience to the practice with clinical charting and medical billing.

Ophthalmology Templates for Ophthalmology Practices

OmniMD Ophthalmology EHR and Practice Management comes with complete list of templates to make your charting faster and better. Based on suggestions from providers and created by providers below are the templates in OmniMD Ophthalmology EHR and Practice Management:

Amblyopia Cataract Red Eye Conjunctivitis
Glaucoma Keratisis Corneal Ulcer Retinopathy
Unequal Pupils Color Blindness Watery Eyes Entropion
Cornea Ulcer Lacrimal Punctum LASIK Optic Atrophy

Integrated Revenue Cycle Management with Electronic Health Record System

Offering an integrated platform, OmniMD’s EHR & RCM system allows both the biller and the clinical staff to work on the patient data at the same time. A superbill created on EHR and Practice Management side by selecting favorite ICD and CPT assigned for chief complaint (for E.g. Patient with Cataract ICD Code 366.00 and CPT code 0014F), can be easily accessed on the RCM side allowing the biller to start working on the claim. It also allows seamlessly exchange of important documents and other data between both the systems. Due to this workflow even if people working on the system change, efficiency of the Medical Billing process is unaffected.

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