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Finding the right EHR for your medical specialty is vital. One-Size-Fits-All doesn’t work for EHR

Most EHR systems, while meeting all government meaningful use requirements and mandates, have been created as “one-size-fits-all” platforms which means the cardiologist, gynecologists, neurologists, oncologists, ophthalmologist, physical therapists, podiatrists, surgeons and urologists are all using the identical one-size-fits-all system. Poor EHR usability, interference with face-to-face patient care, time-consuming data entry and inability to exchange health information between EHR products are some of the noticeable reasons of providers and their staff’s dissatisfaction.

Most physicians do not believe these One-Size-Fits-All systems come close to creating new efficiencies or sharing data with multiple providers or improving patient care.

OmniMD’s medical team, that includes our physician employees, medical billers with the assistance of many specialty physician advisors, has designed the specialty workflow, content, template library and reports which are uniquely developed for your specialty.

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