Implementation & Tech Support

OmniMD offers each client extensive technical support with the purchase of their software. Around-the-clock personalized assistance is available by telephone, email, or online.

Our team of Microsoft-certified IT and health care applications specialists provide complete and timely product support including implementation, quality assurance, maintenance, troubleshooting, and product updates. Their objective is complete client satisfaction.

The deployment option you choose will depend on your specific requirements.

OmniMD offers three deployment options:

  • SaaS Service – Shared server hosted at OmniMD Data Center
  • Hosting Service – Dedicated server hosted at OmniMD Data Center
  • Enterprise Service – Local server hosted at clinic

The deployment option chosen will depend on your specific requirements.

SaaS Service
The SaaS (Software As a Service) model is the easiest way to deploy OmniMD Electronic Health Record System (EHR). OmniMD will provide all the hardware and software to run OmniMD applications and will host them at its state-of-the-art Data Center. OmniMD will manage the day-to-day operations of the service as well. The OmniMD SaaS service requires minimal deployment time. As an SaaS-based system, it can be integrated within the clinic in a matter of days.

Hosting Service
OmniMD offers a dedicated server hosting service for organizations that wish to have a dedicated server. With the dedicated server hosting service, OmniMD installs and manages the EHR software on a dedicated server at its state-of-the-art Data Center and maintains hardware, operating system environment and server software. Though initial costs and overheads are higher with dedicated server hosting, this option also gives maximum control, better connectivity, faster uploading and downloading times and an overall improved performance.

Enterprise Service
OmniMD offers an extended level of service—Enterprise—for those organizations that are interested in self-hosting the applications behind their firewall. Under this option, applications are hosted one hundred percent behind the customer’s firewalls, similar to traditional client server enterprise applications. The customer is responsible for providing all the necessary network infrastructure, as well as related hardware, equipment, operating system and server software.

Other Services
OmniMD offers myriad onsite and back office services for end-to-end healthcare solutions for providers. These services enable seamless integration between all practice departments and third-party providers. Services are tailored to meet the specific needs of clients and are in keeping with practice processes, resources, and requirements.

Examples include: Medical Transcription and Faxing, Lab Order Integration, Revenue Cycle Management, Patient Reminders, Eligibility Verification, Implementation & Technical Support, System Integration, Scanning and Indexing, Medical Devices Integration, and Networking Services.

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