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    Learn EHR

    Learn EHR “Created by Medical School Professors for the Clinicians of Tomorrow” Meaningful Use 2 Certified and ICD 10 Ready Academic EHR Clinical, Billing and Simulation Training to ensure your students are prepared for real workforce experience Designed for all Healthcare Disciplines Medical Universities, Nursing Schools, Therapy Schools, Medical Offices and Medical Career Training Centers … Continue reading Learn EHR

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    Cloud EHR Software

    Cloud EHR OmniMD is a true cloud-based EHR & Practice & revenue cycle managementsolution. Many vendors tout being cloud based but the truth is, few are. Watch a quick video on what being a truly EHR cloud-based system really means, by clicking on our cloud above. Many vendors operate under the guide of cloud-like features … Continue reading Cloud EHR Software

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    Practice Management Software

    Cloud EHR, PM and Billing in One : Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) can significantly affect the revenue and cash flow of a practice by reducing the number of rejected claims and automating claims submission.

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    Medical Billing Services

    OmniMD’s Revenue Cycle Management Services relieve your practice of the burden of medical billing. Our expert billers handle back office operations for you, using our state-of-the-art practice management software.

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    EHR Medical Transcription Services

    EHR Transcription Services The OmniMD we band mobile compliant medical transcription system manages the end-to-end transcription cycle. OmniMD EHR transcription services integrate voice recording, digital scripting, delivery of voice files and final transcript directly into the EHR software allowing busy Providers to be compliant with EHR Meaningful Use Incentives. We manage the complete process efficiently, … Continue reading EHR Medical Transcription Services

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    PQRS / MU Attestation Services

    PQRS Reporting OmniMD is a full-service qualified CMS PQRS Registry providing services to  all OmniMD and Non OmniMD Clients. You can submit all your quality data with OmniMD for PQRS Incentive payments and avoid future adjustments to your Medicare Fee Schedule. Whether you are on paper records or any other EHR, OmniMD is there to … Continue reading PQRS / MU Attestation Services